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Look to us as your “one-stop shop” to help you reduce risk and manage complex sales and use tax operations and issues. Working hand in hand with you, our team of experienced consultants and certified partners will develop the best game plan for increasing your efficiency.

Audit Assistance & Government Notices


If the government is nipping at your heels, we are here to help resolve any tax problem, any tax issue..


Insurance Offer (Pay to Play)


We now offer insurance to our clients using the Kwik Tax Pay to Play. We offer Life, Home, and Auto Insurance through a variety of providers - you make a call and select the plan that works best for you!!


Protection Plus


We offer the option to purchase Audit Protection, which includes $2,500 coverage if a legitimate preparer error occurs.


Consult a Dr Plus


CADR+ is a revolutionary service that’s being offered exclusively to Kwik Tax Customers. This program gives the convenience of not having to wait for an appointment to see a doctor, but to simply make a phone call to the doctor and have them call in a prescription after your phone consultation.


Non filers and Late Filers:


We can go back to the beginning of time to get your filings up-to-date!


Self Employed, Small Business Returns


We can help you get your information organized, assist with strategic planning and prepare the appropriate small business tax filings so that you operate effectively and efficiently.


Bookkeeping Services


We can help you keep your books in order year round. No matter how big or small your company size may be, we can help..


Estimated Tax Payments:


If you are tired of having taxes due when filing your tax return, we can calculate estimated tax payments that you can send into IRS quarterly to help alleviate the tax season financial burden.


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